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Criminal Justice class is iiiiiiiiinteresting. Prof is ex-military, ex-cop. He's teaching us How To Be A Better Criminal. Oh, and did you know...? PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIE TO COPS! I mean, like, wow -- who'da thunk it? (There are more people with tattoos in this class than in any other I've ever been in. Scary tattoos. And, like, half of them are military or ex-military or pre-military and the other half want to be profiliers and most conversations center around guns and how "cool" they are. Fun!)

These are my kind of people.

Other things happening in my life: Practiced novenusho with Al yesterday then had a nice dinner out with friends. Going in to school tomorrow to pay tuition. Going to work to do... something. Pick up books from library. I might go to Anime Club, don't know yet.

I have a strange and disturbing urge to try my hand at songvidding (it probably comes from thinking how cool it is from reading jmtorres's journal). Don't the following lyrics from the song "Blood & Fire" by Type O Negative just SCREAM Smallville CLex?

I always thought we'd be together
And that our love could not be better
Well with no warning you were gone
I still don't know what went wrong
You don't know what I've been through
Just want to put my love in you

No more nights
of blood & fire

All those special memories
Now I bleed for you - burn for me
Perhaps I was just dreaming
When I think these things had real meaning
You don't know what I've been through
Just want to put my love in you

Love eternal
Lust infernal
Bleeding, burning
Needing, yearning

I see your face in every flame
With no answers I have only myself to blame
Of all the women I have know - they're not you
I'd rather be alone

No more nights
of blood & fire

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