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fine, fine, I'll talk about soccar...

Koreatown EXPLODED Friday night/Saturday morning. You all probably know why. Flags everywhere. Reminded me of being in Florence when Italy won their World Cup match against Brazil... many many many years ago. Talk about a street party! Very fond memory. *sigh* Ah, Italia...

Worked more than I really expected to on Friday. The boss caught me and made me do stuff. Hmm. Oh, and my lab has 6K to spend on equipment. What we really need is furniture, but we can only spend the money on equipment. The guys were gleefully going through various webpages to find the biggest and best electronics. I recommended we get a label-maker. Heh. If only I had that much money to blow!!!

Anime Club was fun. Goldenboy is growing on me, rather like a rabid fungus. Ick. But! I My Me Strawberry Eggs is really fun. Yay, crossdressing genderfuck! Oh, and we also watched some really cool fan-made anime music videos. I am totally in awe of what people can do.

Yesterday was a big family do, our summer bash. Usually it's closer to July 4th but there were conflicts so we did it early this year. 'Twas fun. Yummy food, eating outside, not too many fights -- a good time was had by all. I ended up taking Grandma home and then babysitting my sisty's brats but it wasn't so bad. Worst part was getting caught in downtown traffic. Whew!

Today I am... DOING NOTHING! Ha! (I feel guilty.)

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