The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

An invasion!

The evil kitty loaf shall invade Livejournal!

Submit your will to that of the Loaf!

Hmmm, I've posted an awful lot today. Oh well!

I've also dropped my Criminal Justice class. It was so... so... Um, well, the other students were annoying. They talked about guns an awful lot. And, like, everyone was ultra conservative and I felt like the lone liberal (phrases like "the left's frothing frenzy" were bandied about). And the prof was really cool, but kind of boring with lectures that didn't seem to go anywhere. And the room set up sucked. So I quit. I've never dropped a class (after the first day) before. I feel so... so guilty! Wah!

Okay, so, like, what am I going to do with myself until school starts up again? Work, go to anime club, AX for a day (ONE MORE WEEK!), ComicCon for a long weekend, and...? I'll get all bored and depressed if I just sit home all day. I think maybe... a second job. Day filled, plus more money! (God, have I totally subscribed to the stupid Puritanical American work ethic or what?!) Or maybe I could get more hours on my regular job (but the boss is in Spain so I'll have to talk to her later).

In other news, by Coraline CD came. I've listened to the first four chapters so far. I got the CD instead of the book because I was getting tired of music on my commute and thought I'd try listening to a book. It's nice, but kind of weird having my mind multi-tasking like that and sometimes road noises block out the words. Anyway, Coraline is really creepy and cool. It's also spawning funky crossover ideas where Coraline receives a letter from Hogwarts by owl and she's sorted into Gryffindor and... well, we'll see. I mean, is it even possible to cross a Neil Gaiman book with J.K.R.'s series? Dunno. Heh.

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