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Whoa, I just pigged out on orange Milanos and am feeling kind of sick. They're my favorite cookies, but there can be too much of a good thing. They were yummy though...

So. Saturday night I got a call from my father where he informed me that my Aunt Linda and Uncle Coo-Coo (no, that's not his real name, that's what I called him as a small child) were visiting. I hadn't seen them in nine years. So on Sunday all four of us took a drive through the back country up to Ojai. We did the shops, Bart's Books, the sea food restaurant, etcetera. It was nice. And after four hours of being with three people with HEAVY Southern/Mississippi accents, my accent was coming back. I trained myself out of the little accent I had because of the teasing I took for it in elementary school, but it comes back with exposure. Heh.

After the fun with the relatives, I went to Alseides' house for some fun in the pool. We practiced intense water martial arts and tamed exotic wild beasts, all in her backyard! *giggle* We had yummy tacos for dinner. And then we made up Author Avatars for Bordertown until it was late and I was falling asleep. (I need to re-read the Bordertown books.)

Today I went into work for a little bit. Went grocery shopping. Ordered out for pizza. GOT A WONDERFUL PREZZIE FROM STARKILLER! (Yay, *hugs* to Starkiller!) Finished listening to Coraline by Neil Gaiman. It was creepy. I enjoyed it imensely. I do recommend this book, particularly the audio CD. The Special Feature!(tm) of music by The Gothic Archies isn't all that special (although, I DO have that damn tune stuck in my head). It's sung in monotone. Weird. Creepy. Yes, everything about it was creepy. Creepy but cool. (And see, I'm getting even more flashes of my Harry Potter/Coraline crossover story. Coraline is a Gryffindor in the same year as Ginny, see, and...)


Ooooooh, I'm getting excited about going to Anime Expo on Friday! Yippee! But I don't have my cosplay quite together yet. *frowns* Don't worry, Al, I'm going to be dressed up. (And I can't wait to see you in your costume!) I want to buy spiffy doujinshis, sparkley fannish goodies, cool anime music, cute things, pretty things, anime! Whee! Oh, I can't wait!

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