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Summer in SoCal

Hot day. Over a hundred degrees. I melted. Summer in the Valley is a killer, which is why I want to drive up the coast to San Francisco, or at least far enough north to places that get fog in the mornings and have more than a distant memory of rain. The hills are so brown and icky. The Perpetual Drought is worse this year, as we only had one or two teeny tiny rains this last winter. Blah.

So, Al, wanna go to San Francisco? Roadtrip! Oshun, we'll pick you up on the way. Oh. Wait. I'm going on a roadtrip in the opposite direction in a few weeks. Shit, I'm getting closer to the equator! Well, at least the convention center is air conditioned and right on the ocean. San Diego isn't quite as good as San Francisco, but neither is it Los Angeles, so that should be good.

Do all Angelenos have this same ambivalent feeling about their city as I do? I mean, I do think it's the best place to live, yet I want to escape it all the time. I like making fun of people living in other places where it's snowing in the winter, and the heat in the summer is a dry heat, so I can make fun of people in humid climates. Entertainment and coolness-wise, LA is obviously superior (except to New York, possibly). But dammit, LA just isn't PRETTY! LA doesn't have charm or a unique personality. Almost any section of LA could be any city in the world (with some exceptions). And the traffic and smog suck.

Eh, I'm just rambling. I don't really know if I believe any of that I just wrote or not. I think the heat scrambled my brains. Fortunately, I'm going swimming tomorrow.

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