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Madness! Hogwarts on the Hellmouth!

crossover slash pairing are

Is there actually any of this pairing? 'Cause, *dude*, I am like, SO there! I've read oh, about five HP/BtVS fics and I want some more, baby. Ya know what would be cool? Ripper and Ethan, star-crossed lovers, one a Gryffindor and one a Slytherin... oh, the angst. Or possibly Xander as Snape's love child? (I'm having hysterics here -- possibly because it's so late.) Yeah, Giles went back to England to be the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Hermione is the new Slayer? *snerk* Remus and Oz find true love in each other. Voldemort wants to open the Hellmouth, Harry is becomes Spike's childe, Dru and Trelawny have "visions" together, Willow's real last name is Weasley, Buffy helps Sirius while he's on the run and they fall in love, Wesley is Snape's long-lost love, I appear to be losing my mind...

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