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Wow. Just.... wow.

I, um, I have a new car. (That doesn't even sound real -- "I have a new car.") It's really quite a shock. My dad called me up to take me out to dinner. I thought all we were going to do was go out to dinner. Well, we did go out to dinner, but first we went and picked up the car he picked out for me. It's really really cool. And shiny. It's metallic blue. Oh, wow.

As you might have noticed, I'm still in a state of shock. Yes.

Dad got a good deal on it. He says he's been looking for awhile. Wow. Um, did I mention it's really cool, and really pretty? It's really cool and really pretty. It has less horsepower and lacks the bells and whistles of my old car, but it also lacks the problems of my old car. Oh, and my savings account is decimated, but dad is paying for over half of it. *dazed smile* Um, I'm going to go play with my pretty new toys now.
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