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Avada Kedavra

I was reminded today of just how malicious humans can be. Next life, I'm coming back as a dog. (I'll probably be abused like Angel was. *sigh* Humans suck.)

But! Humans are also wonderful and caring and nice. (*points at tossblack* Thanks for cheering me up!) Contradiction. Urk. Guess that's whey we're neither angels nor demons, eh?

In other news: I found this article about researching on the internet interesting. Also, at the moment, I'm downloading the complete Noir series (thanks Al's brother!).

Hot Topic shopping today. I got spiffy red and black stripped socks and half-gloves. They're for my Halloween costume. (remember? I'm gonna be a Punk!Mime. heh)

Alseides makes cool things. Wanna see our costumes? Click here. Mine is the red-n-black one, Al's is the white-n-black one. And look, cute chibi me!

I can pick my mums voice out of a crowd of ladies. The rest are mumbles, but she comes in clear through a closed (and Warded Against Evil (tm) door). Left over survival instinct, or just the fact that I've been listening to her distinctive vocal patterns since before I was born? I'd LOVE to find some research done on this. Hmm.

I'm hungry.
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