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Nuts! Nuts, she says!

There is a very strange person sitting next to me. She wants to be a mouse.

*That's nothing. You want to be a dog, Gure-chan.

Gure-chan is COOL! He's a writer and a prankster. Prince-schminch, who needs a stupid pretty-boy prince!?

*I know a few people who would disagree with you....

Eh, whatever, I trade erotic innuendo with your cross-dressing brother. So there, ha!

*Oh god, for a moment there I took that literally. :collapses: :stands up: You can have him!

Um... Sorry, I slipped into character there, not your real brother. *snicker* *snort*

*I'm thinking - you do? Wait - he doesn't .... :shakes head: So, about this puppy thing...

Well, cats are evil. I'd be Kyou, but... CAT. I'm proud to be a bitch!

* -_-' Cats aren't evil, they're just .... slow. Dogs are placid. Mice rock. Mice are inquisitive and interested in their surroundings. They're small and they fit in your pocket. When you need more than one of them to search for things, they come in large numbers. :inhales:

Okay, you're right, cats aren't all bad. I'm just deathly allergic to them and will die if I pet them. Mice are cute. *pets Yuki* BUT DOGS ARE BEST! Yay, Shigure!

Are we listening to CHRISTMAS music?!?!

*"oh tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy..." I'm an atheist, I can listen to Christmas music. :big grin: Besides, girls hug dogs. they tend not to hug mice. although... now that I think about it, huggling is a problem only until we become our animals.... :_:'

Mmmm hmmm. Huggling. Silly word. Why are we talking about Fruits Basket again? OH, THAT'S RIGHT, BECAUSE YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED WATCHING IT YET!!!

*:sweetly: I'll finish watching it when you finish all my books, Escaflowne, Nausicaa, and WRITE RON!!!

eep. um... good point.


(This journal hack production was brought to you by the very small gnomes that live in your computer and serve Alseides in all ways).

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