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random shit (part 1)

I was looking for the phone number of this girl I knew a few semesters back, see, and so I went looking through all my little notebooks full of quotes and interesting things and story ideas and little reminders to myself and poems and other random things. I went all the way back to 1997 looking through these notebooks, remembering my life. These notebooks give a peak inside my mind. Anyway, I never did find the phone number, but I thought I'd start typing some of this stuff up. Just because. (it's actually more for my reference than anything)

The bestselling Chaos Trilogy!
Chaos Confined
A Little Bit of Hell
Chaining the Gates of Heaven

in the end of time there was a woman who confined chaos into a little jar made of anti-chaos. this was a mistake because it caused the beginning of the universe. the universe was formed with a rather odd mixture of chaos and regularity. change became the only constant and the unlikely paradox of life formed. the rest of ther people cast the woman out and she stomped around the universe for awhile until she discovered how to shape chaos. her people immediately seized on it and she looked on with horror as they shaped Heaven. she and a few others could not stand it so they formed Hell. between these two polar opposites all life vacilitated. Heaven and Hell fought over the life until there was only one little sphere of it left. then, quite unexpectadly, the woman was born. someone had forgotten about time...





Ilisabet Evelen Castanaveras <---Why is that written over and over again in this notebook?


weight limit: 50 pounds
bones are hollowed out by special treatments
implants are put into the eyes for further sight
lung capacity is increased by 25% with an operation
special salves protect the flyer's skin
types of wings: hawk for high flying, butterfly for gliding and carrying equipment, dragonfly ?
goggles protect eyes
thermal suit covers the entire body up to the neck
a face mask covers the mouth and nose and provides oxygen from the tank strapped to the flyer's back
a microphone is attached to the inside of the mask
receivers are inside each of the flyer's ears
around the waist each flyer carries an equipment belt with a small water, food, and medical supply
the wings struts are attached across the back and shoulders and upper arms to the elbow, they extend four feet past the fingertips


Oh, Great God of Math in all Your Virtue and Logic, use Your Holy Axe to blugeon into my brain the Divine Numbers and Formulas, apply Your Righteous Whip to bring forth the Blood of my Pious Concentration, exercise Your Glorious Power to cramp my hand around a chewed Hallowed Pencil, stamp Your Vererable...

Hmmm, this notebook is from approximately... ninth grade? Maybe tenth. Or thereabouts. Certainly long before high school ended. I have a memory of it (my McDonnell Douglas II flipbook) laying on the floor in front of my clothes hamper at my dad's for a long time. Hmmm, yes.


In a notebook containing lots of Spanish vocabulary words and math equations and biology notes (yes, high school again), I found this:


All that are lost within the strands of time
Those who are forever forgotten to memory
It is for you that I compose this rhyme
To you I give this gift of a history
The slave in the field under the eye of the overseer
The peasant in fear of the noble knight's wrath
The young boy stolen by a privateer
The woman sold to a husband and a narrow path
Listen to my words all you who bask in power
Know that you would not ber there without their labor
Do not look down on them from your ivory tower
Or they will not weep when you step through death's door
Sweat and blood and tears build the world from dust
That we should remember the worker's sacrifice is only just




This notebook (rainbow colored, says simply "NOTE BOOK") also contains four drawings of Keltda and one drawing of Tilt from the back with her whip.

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