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Last post for the next four days.

My eyes, they burn. MASSIVE case of insomnia last night as I tried to keep every part of my body (except the nose, need to breathe) covered in fear of nasty mosquitos. I think the final count of killed mosquitos in my bedroom was eight. *shudder* I still have the massive bite on my forehead, but it's gone down due to generous applications of cream, taking antihistamines, and putting ice on it. Grr. I now have over a dozen bites. I itch.

But, on a lighter note, today I go to San Diego's International Comics Convention! Yay! Whee! Fun fun fun!!! I'm packed and ready and leave to pick up Alseides in less than thirty minutes. We're going to have so much fun! Comic Con last year was one of the best times I've ever had and this year promises to be even better. Happy me!

(And YES, I'm going to stand in line for another four hours to get Ted Raimi's autograph yet AGAIN, because I CAN. If he's there, that is.)(And I'm going to stay up late in the Anime Screening Rooms watching anime!)(And I'm going to buy COMICS, lots and lots of COMICS!)(COMICS!)

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