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4 days, 3 nights -- fun at Comic Con!

Thursday: I leave late, get to Alseides' (tossblack) house late. But that works, since all of SoCal was late that day, due to a truly FOUL crash on the 5 freeway. All lanes closed till midnight, had to divert to the 91 and the 15. Grr. Traffic bad. Nice talking to Al and singing, though. It took us five hours to get to San Diego. That's not bad, though, it took my MP-TO friends seven hours. They started off two hours earlier than us and we all wound up at the Con at the same time. We met in the pre-reg pick-up line. That was pretty cool.

So, we were at the Con! Yay! (Although first we checked in at the hotel, after parking in one of the lower Circles of Hell and then walking the 10 minutes to the Convention Center.) Freebie table a go. Got the usual crap. We hit the dealers room and planned our attack. (Plans went awry the next day when my methodotical, row by row approach was scraped and Alseides went off by herself. She did it all in a day, while I leisurely took my time.) Dinner at the mall halfway between our hotel and the Con, then back for anime. That night was the only time I went to see any anime (unlike last year, when I virtually lived the weekend out in the anime screening rooms). We watched an episode each of Excel Saga and I My Me Strawberry Eggs, and then Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (which was uber-cool). Got to sleep by one.

Friday: Al and I went to the Lord of the Rings Weapons and Make-up panel where we watched them transform this guy into an orc and where they talked about funny things that happened on the set and about how they (the Weta Workshop people) created the effects. Very very cool. And useful. I learned neat things like: 1600 Hobbit feet were created for the movies, 10 thousand arrows (400 left, 9600 lost in the New Zealand wilderness), the armies of two nations were used as extras (couldn't shoot bows worth anything and seeing an officer chew out a private while both are made up as orcs is sureal). Went and saw a bit of the movie premiere of Interstate 60 (starring Gary Oldman, James Marston, & Christopher Lloyd). It was trippy! I loved it! But I had to leave early to go the the Tribune Entertainment panel for Andromeda, Mutant X, and Adventure Inc. Met up with Al and April at the panel, which ROCKED! Lexa Doig (Andromeda), Laura Bertram (Trance Gemini), John Shea (Adam), Victoria Pratt (Shalimar Fox), and Forbes March (Jesse Kilmartin) were there (but Victor Webster wasn't, so April was disappointed since Brennan is her favorite). It was WAY cool. We learned that "Harper don't get no tail!" and that the blue wig is GONE. Oh, and that Mutant X are actually going to have bedrooms this coming season. Laura Bertram was sweet and joked about Victoria Pratt totally being able to kick her ass. We got to see clips from the upcoming third season of Andromeda, plus some cute trailers ("Losers!" - heh). April and I went all fangirlish while Al looked on. The next day, April stood in line for all the actors autographs/pictures (for free!), PLUS one of Corin Nemic (that's Jonas Quinn of Stargate SG-1 to you)! I wish that I'd gotten them, too...

That night, Alseides and I got silly with the camera once we got back to the room.

Saturday: Tried to get into the Smallville showing/Birds of Prey panel, but it was WAY too packed. Saw a bit of the Paramount panel on the next Star Trek movie, hosted by Marina Syrtis (Deanna Troi). Then the New Line Lord of the Rings panel, but it seemed to be the same as what we saw the previous day, so we left early. Later we found out that Elijah Wood made a special unannounced appearance!!! Oh well, we went to the Catching Up with Terry Moore panel and had fun.

Around 4:30pm we started waiting in line for the Masquerade. I ditched Al briefly while Tsarina and I went on a caffeine run (that took over an hour, let me take a peek at the suite the MP-TO bunch got upgraded to when their hotel ran out of rooms, and saw Tsarina buying a new sparkley thing. We all had lots of fun at the Masquerade and even had really good seats. Tsarina and I talked Harry Potter slash while waiting in the line and totally freaked out the mother and daughter team that were right behind us. Heh. Al and I tried to convert her to the wonders of Draco/Ron, but she wasn't buying. Speaking of HP, there was an almost total lack of anything HP-related at the Con! Weird.

Sunday: I finished my stroll around the dealers floor. We couldn't get in on a panel on LotR we wanted to see. *shrugs* Alseides and I went to the big Lord of the Rings booth (again) and lined up to get free stuff. All we had to do was say a phrase from the movie and they'd give us a t-shirt or a set of character buttons. Al said, "You have my bow!" and I said "And my axe!" (Legolas and Gimli at the Council of Elrond). I said my phrase with such enthusiasm that they gave me BOTH prizes. Hurray! We made last minute purchases and Al got one last sketch. Left early, only took three hours to drive back up to Los Angeles.

I had lots of fun, although there were two disappointments. 1) TED RAIMI CANCELLED! Total bummer. No, I would not wait in line for Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jason Lee or even Virginia Hey, but I would SO wait in line for Ted Raimi (and did, for four hours last year). *sigh* 2) The Sequential Tarts didn't do a panel this year, which I had been looking forward to. I spotted one of them and asked about it and she said that not enough Tarts had shown up.

Okay, now on to stuff I got:
Two packs of art cards, one by David Cherry and one by a whole gaggle of wonderful artists. Good stuff, I'll scan and put up pics eventually.
A red t-shirt with a black (Spider-Man) spider on it.
Another Glow-Worm!
Four cheap tapes of anime.
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler.
Some back issues of X-Force I wanted, and issue #4 of Vext (but not #3, dammit!).
Issues #4 and #5 of Little Gloomy.
Box Office Poison by Alex Robinson, signed by the man himself.
The Charm School trade paperback by Elizabeth Watasin, signed.
The latest two Strangers in Paradise trades for me, and one for guingel, all signed.
The latest two Finder trades by Carla Speed McNeil, signed!
The two Sheba trades, both signed by it's creator, Walter S. Crane IV.
And the Soulsearchers & Company "On The Case!" trade paperback.
A really pretty earcuff with a silver pegasus hanging from it.
Also got random free books, posters, comics, bookmarks, magnets, buttons, etc.

Wow, that's quite a lot of stuff. And now I'm broke. Heh. But I had loads of fun. I've barely described half of the wonderful things I did, how much fun I had. I'll post pictures later. God, I'm tired.

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