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Well, my registration appointment is in about 20 minutes. I guess I should choose my classes, eh? So, at 2:30 I shall open up my school's website and try to get the classes I want. Gosh, this is SOOOOOO much easier than phone registration or walk-in registration. Me likes.

Anyway, around the time that I'm trying to get my schedule for next semester working, my step-half-aunt's (henceforth known as Sha) plane should be landing. Sha is fourteen, seven years younger than I. She is my step-father's half-sister and twenty-one years younger than he is. Yes, that means that my step-father is only fourteen years older than I. I think I'm just going to pretend that she's my younger sister, as it's too confusing to have to explain our relationship.

Whatever. I've never met the girl. We've exchanged maybe a half a dozen e-mails. She's coming out to California from New York for a little less than two weeks to meet her half-brother and his family. I'm kind of nervous. I hope she likes me.

Well, I have to register soon, and I shoud REALLY try and figure out a good schedule, but before I go, I found this article about the word "fuck" interesting and you might, too.

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