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So tired... (RANDOM HOBBIT!)

So, Sha arrived yesterday just as I was sending my registration through. I only got a few of the classes I need/want, but I'll try and get some more once open registration gets put into effect. Sha is cool, though shy. Last night we played a board game, some Playstation games, and watched the movie Dark City.

This morning, I picked up tossblack and her, Sha, and I drove up the coast. We had lunch at The Big Yellow House in Summerland and went to an antique store. Then we went to see a pretty waterfall, and we finally ended up in Solvang (Danish village, basically a tourist trap). I bought yummy pastries! We drove back the scenic route (although, it was all pretty much scenic, the Pacific Ocean in view most of the way) and only got stuck in traffic three or four times. Anyway, I was driving for about six hours total today. Whew, no wonder I'm tired! (Oh, and oshunanat? We tried calling you to see if you were up for a visit or if you wanted to meet us in Solvang, but we couldn't get ahold of you. Sorry!!!)

I just finished watching Run Lola Run again with Mark and Sha. That is such a cool movie.

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