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I am watching Witchblade on my computer because Sha was making fun of me. She had the TV in the living room. Grr.

Eh, I'm mostly faking annoyance. Anyway, this is the first episode of Witchblade I've been able to catch this season. I've heard from people online how different it is this season, but whew! Ian actually talks, albeit, still in riddles, but... And a certain dead guy ain't all dead and mysterious this season. I like it! *sigh* I just wish I was able to catch it more often.

So, Mark and Mark's friend and Sha and I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain today. Ya, it was HOT!!! But fun. I had to leave early though to go to work. Just as I was pulling into work I got a call cancelling my meeting. So I picked up my paycheque and went home. Eh, whatever.

I'm tired.
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