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late night thoughts

Beka as the future wielder of the Witchblade! (And Harper is Gabriel's successor. It makes perfect sense, right down to the angelic references!) I wanna see a Andromeda/Witchblade crossover. Heh. Hehehe.

kissaki posted about her pet peeves, and I shall, too:

1. People who tail-gate, especially people who tail-gate me. There are a lot of really bad drivers in this world, and they all seem to live in Los Angeles. Driving scares me.

2. Speaking of bad drivers, the really good ones that are also really stupid scare me, too. I'm talking about those idiot guys that have road races down the freeway around midnight. There are always two of them and they come up behind you so fast and whip around you, weaving in and out, and they're FUCKING SCARY, man! They seem to feel the need to take others with them when they die.

3. Meetings at work, especially ones that just go over the same stuff as the last meeting. Seriously, we'd get more done if we didn't have to go to the stupid meetings or could just meet with the people we need to, not the entire place. Also, meetings that get cancelled.

4. Parents who let their child(ren) do whatever they want in a public venue, including scream their heads off and get hapless strangers dirty. I don't expect the parents to curb all of a child's enthusiam, but a little discipline would be helpful. Or at least take the brat somewhere else so it doesn't annoy everyone around. This goes especially for grocery stores and restaurants.

5. People who believe that their way is the only way and everyone who has a different opinion is stupid or damned or something like that. Fundamentalist Christians often fall into this category and are especially annoying because they come right out and say that you're going to Hell if you don't believe in their particular dogma. Political extremists are sometimes annoying like this, too. They think no opinion but their own is valid and belittle every other point of view.

6. People who make fun of me for liking nerdy things like comic or anime or sci-fi shows. A little gentle teasing is fine, but some people think they are better or more intelligent than I am because they watch ER rather than Star Trek. This also goes for literary snobs who scoff at people who read fantasy or science fiction, claiming that it's not real literature. Genre writing, they call it, not seeming to realize that everything is in a genre. Stupid fucks with their superior attitude.

7. People who can't seem to get enough of their own voices. You ask them for their opinion and they just keep going on and on and never reciprocate by allowing you to give yours. Or, they pontificate on some subject, imply they are an expert, and tell you in a snooty voice all about it. These people crop up quite frequently in academia and in fandom.

8. Those men and women who never seem to do anything at work, but get the raises and the better jobs anyway. *sigh* (Eh, ignore my jealousy.)

9. Arguing over the check. Everyone trying to pay for EXACTLY what they ate. And me still getting stuck with paying the lion's share. You know what, I'll pay for the whole freakin' meal if y'all will just stop trying to figure it out -- the math never works out quite right and it takes up valuable time. I don't CARE about a few pennies!

10. Commercials. Advertisements. Uber-annoying!

11. People who play their car stereo REALLY REALLY LOUD so that you can feel the thrum of their bass and hear them coming a mile away. Especially those people who do it at night in a residential neighborhood. Grr.

12. Comedians/actors who get laughs being stupid. Yes, it's kind of redundant saying that these guys are annoying when they're trying to be annoying, but there it is.

13. Popular media catchphrases, i.e. - "Ye-ah, baby!", "I see dead people.", "Eat my shorts!", "I've fallen and I can't get up!" and the like. At first it might be funny or cute but after awhile it just gets really annoying. Fortunately, most phrases have a short shelf life, but some just keep hanging on. Actually, these are only sometimes annoying, depending on my mood.

14. Mosquitos. They itch. In fact, they're more than annoying, they're EVIL.

15. Allergies. It's embarassing to always have a runny nose due to hay fever and getting rashes. It sucks that I can't pet furry things without a shot to keep me from dying.

16. Dust. This is a corallary to #15 but deserves a category all it's own. Dust sucks.

17. Lists that go on too long are really annoying, too...

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