The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

pictures from Anime Expo and Comic Con

I picked out the best ones, barring the ones that actually had ME in them. Heh.

One of the hotel rooms that was used be the people from my Anime Club. And yes, those are some of the people I usually spend my Friday nights with.

More Anime Club freaks.

Cosplayers at AX! The two guys in the background are cosplaying Cho Hakkai and Genjo Sanzo from Gensoumaden Saiyuki, but I have no idea who or what the chick in blue in the foreground is supposed to be. Cool costumes, though!

I don't know who these two are supposed to be, either. I suspect J-Pop cosplay, though. Nifty costumes, regardless!

Ah, Escaflowne cosplay! Dramatic, aren't they?

Help! Ring Wraiths are attacking the Comic Con! Oops, sorry, it's just a statue. It was very detailed. I have several pictures of it, including one where it looks like it's attacking me (taken by Al).

And speakin of Lord of the Rings... Look! It's a hobbit and he's surrounded! Yes, it's the actors who played Lurtz, Merry, and Sauron. Yay!

And then there were the panels...

This one is from the Andromeda/Mutant X panel I went to. Look, it's Rommie and Trance! Er, yeah.

Terry Moore hosting his panel.

And we must not forget the amazing costumes of the Masquerade!

I think she's supposed to be a character from the movie Hellraiser. Whatever she is, it was damn spooky!

Incredible costume. No clue what he was supposed to be, though, sorry.

Two women dressed as Angela from the comic book Spawn.

He wasn't actually in the Masquerade, but we saw him while waiting in line for the Masquerade so I'm counting it. Awesome costume! (And Al and I think we recognize this guy from the Ren Faire, too.)

Well, that's all. Ah, GOOD memories...

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