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Unlike yesterday, today I feel unaccountably depressed. Rapid mood shifts 'r us here, I guess. Instead of writing a long list of things that depress me, however, I've decided to re-read a book I've read before. It's an interesting book. The main character's first act is to die. I like that in a book.

I've been thinking about the books I read lately. A good half of the stuff I read nowadays are actually re-readings of my old favorites. And many of the new books that I do buy lately I end up not finishing. Oh, this isn't always true, but I sure have an awful lot of books on my shelves with bookmarks stuck half through them. I don't know what this means. If it means anything.

I've also, except for just lately watching Witchblade, lost all interest in television. I stopped watching The West Wing, Enterprise, and Smallville mid-way through last season and haven't bothered with the repeats. I don't know what this means, either. Possibly that was just due to being busy at work and school, since I'm still going strong watching anime. But that I only watch in spurts, not regularly.

All in all, I'm feeling particularly blah today. Maybe I just need to get up and do something. Maybe I feel guilty for skipping out on a meeting at work today. Maybe I'm worried about school starting. Perhaps I'm just bored? Eh, whatever, back to my reading now...
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