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I did not go to the party today. I did not go to work today. I was very very bad and just sat around at home all day. I may be a wee bit depressed about starting school again. I may be a teeny tiny bit guilty for not helping out in my research group.

Inertia has trapped me. I cannot seem to move. I am an object at rest and I shall remain at rest until something kicks me in the butt and gets me going. This will probably be my alarm clock on Monday morning. I'm probably going to be bad again tomorrow and continue doing nothing.

Isn't that a contradiction? "doing nothing" That doesn't make sense. "Doing" implies SOMETHING, so how can it be paired with nothing? Nothing is not an action. But it appears to be a verb. Weird.

(Every time I get up out of my chair I think "the screaming continued as it usually did" today. Always with the screams, but not always the same phrase. This is disturbing.)

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