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These are my new titles. Bow before me for I am:

Super Minister Maximus of Cannibalistic Rituals to the Glory of Small Kitchen Appliances

Dragon of Boring Books

Greater Marshall of Atomic Fusion, Suraj
("Now we do the dance of joy." - Yeah.)

Priestess of The Impersonal Enlightenment Fellowship

Acting Minister of Sleeping In

Wizer of Naked Chick Magazines

Under Chairwoman of The Institute for Promotion of Plastic Envelope Windows

Centurion of Deviant Sexual Practices
("Forgive me sire, I was raised by a mad herd of wild cows." - Which is really funny since I was just doing impression of cows with Mad Cow Disease for my mother, complete with hissing and mooing.)

Countess of Things That Go "Bump" in the Night

Commander-In-Training of Indefinite Timeframes

Mayor of The Reformed Order of Kissing Ass

Super Captain of The Louvre
("Well, they won't be able to make a derogatory nickname from this one. Oh, wait..." - Heh. Oh, I can think of a few.)

Über-Gardener of The Ridiculous Army of Women's Prison Movies
("Hey, that's what I call your mom in bed!" - Umm...)

and my personal favorite:
Vice Dragon of Lesbians and Random Act of Violence-like Things

and the weirdest:
The Great Winged Goat Person of Beating Dead Horses

i am stoping now. for my own sanity, what i have left of it. look! i'm typing without capitalizing! i lost more sanity than i thought with that little exercise.

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