The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

something wicked this way flickers

The season finale of Witchblade... it was sureal, it was confusing, and it left me hanging on a few points... But it was awesome! Hoo yeah! But! Gabriel! Um... eek!

*deep breath*

Okay, enough with the fannish ravings. Today I had my first two classes, Dynamics of Individual Behavior and Cultural Determinants of Psychological Processes. The Dynamics professor is a self-help guru. The Processes professor is wicked cool, wearing a mustard yellow shirt and pale green polyester pants. He has Broca's aphasia from a stroke he had a few years ago, meaning that there are certain words he can't say, they're lost in a dead zone in his brain. He's fun, but the class looks uber hard.

I was going to add the Sociology of Sex Roles class, but I decided not to, I have too much work in my other classes as it is. Oh well.

Went to the library near my old house because I like it there and ordered several books I need for classes, plus some books on the art of mime, just because. Went out to dinner with Mark and to the grocery store. Watched Witchblade!

You know what would be really cool? If they introduced Jackie Estacado into the television show! Maybe the Angelus, too. In the comic, Jackie was an assassin who weilded the the Darkness, which can call forth demon imps to do his bidding. He was actually a good guy, sort of. The Angelus could call cherubs. Cosmic opposites, light and dark, evil (kind of) and sort-of-good-except-not, with the Witchblade caught in the middle, acting as a balance. Anyway, I think it would be cool if the writers just forget about the Angelus and introduce Jackie as the weilder of the Darkness, making it more like the Witchblade, but only weilded by men.

Yeah, okay, I said I wouldn't, but I am. Fannish ponderings, yay!

Why is the internet getting such a bad rap? First that new movie and now the finale of a show, and there have been many cop shows that have done an episode about how awful the internet is. Hell, even The West Wing got in on it with Josh's internet fanclub snafu. Focus on the positive, people!

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