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Much much much thanks to the lovely, stupendous, wonderful, amazing Laura (aka - guingel for the prezzie!!! Thank you Laura! You rock! It was a long day and to come home to something as wonderful as Murder Mysteries by Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell in the mail just made my whole day. It looks fabulous, I can't wait to read it! *HUGS!!*

Other than my wonderful prezzie, today was a generally blah kind of day. I think it's the weather. It's REALLY hot and there's a storm in the offing -- not one of those nice storms that come down the coast from Alaska but an icky one that comes up the coast from South America. Hot rain, ugh. But I guess any rain would be good now, what with all the flammable material on the hillsides. So, I've been battling a headache all day and a general feeling of blah. Blah.

Dynamics was interesting. We're learning how make a client comfortable and how to show that we're listening and understanding them and how to analyze their tone and bodylanguage for clues to their state of mind. Funky. Processes was interesting, too. We did an autokinetic experiment. I am *sigh* part of the conforming majority since I gave into social influence and perceived the dot to be moving, even though it wasn't. Oh well. I also had a brief meeting with the lass I'm mentoring and worked on entering data for awhile before coming home and taking a long nap. Dinner was yummy clam chowder and some of Ken's homemade sourdough bread.

I have SO much stuff to read. Blergh. School. Most of it should be interesting, though. But I have to read this self-help book written by my Dynamics prof and write a paper on it. Geez. Okay okay, I'll stop my bitching now.

I'm considering donating my Weis Kreuz tape to my club. I'm definately donating my one tape of Akazukin Chacha and the latest three eps of Tenchi no Konamaiki on Friday, but I don't know about the pretty-boy-florist-assassins. Maybe. We'll see. Oh, and speaking of anime, I'm finally going to get off my lazy butt and burn the CDs I've promised to send out. Soon. Yes, very very soon.

Oh, and Al? I AM WRITING RON! I am writing Ron like a mad thing. I am in the flow. See? I told you all I needed was the drone of a professor in the background and writing smut when I should be taking notes! Ha.

PS: Thank you Laura!

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