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up, UP and Awaaaaaaayyy...!

Well, I haven't done a real update on my life since Wednesday, so here we go.

Thursday morning I ran into the Mormon missionaries as I was leaving. We chatted a bit before I left for school. It was hot, humid, and cloudy all day and actually sprinkled for awhile in the afternoon. My Experimental Psych class that day was VERY interesting. In fact, us students kind of took over the lecture by asking the prof all sorts of (semi)relavent questions.

Friday was good. I had a meeting with the grad student I'm mentoring about teaching this semester. We start teaching next Wednesday. I also got almost all of the data entry for my latest project at work done. Yay! Soon I'll get to analyze the data and do some statistics and we can start writing the paper we're going to present at the WPA Conference. Friday was also Anime Club. Yay! I rented a dozen episodes of Maze from the club library and borrowed all of Onegai Teacher from a guy I know. The meeting was great, too. We played soccar and sang Happy Birthday to one guy and had a blast.

Today was a blast as well. I went to a beach party with a mess load of people from school. I was a driver, so I got to drive these three guys to the beach. There were about two dozen of us total. Anyway, we grilled up meat, played volleyball and soccar, got wet in the great Pacific Ocean, dug holes in the sand, played guitars, sang, messed around, and generally had a good time. The beach we went to was one I've never been to before, but it was nice. The only real problem with it was that it's right next to LAX and ever few minutes we got a LOUD plane flying overhead. Our bonfire was totally cool. I wish Oshun and/or Alseides could have come, though. Al, you really missed out. You would have enjoyed yourself. I hope walking home wasn't too bad for you. Sorry!

Tomorrow I'm going to a Dodgers game with Mark and my sisty's son. Yay, fun! I love going to baseball games. You know, Al, Oshun, we should all go sometime. Next summer, maybe? *sigh* Okay, I know I'll never convince you.

So yeah, I've been doing all these great things. But, heh, I should actually be doing homework and studying. I have a five page paper due on Monday, and I haven't even started reading the book for it yet. I also have a lot of readings to get through for two exams next week. Eek! Bad me. Bad me. Oh well.

Looking back on what I wrote, I see quite a lot of "yay!"s. Heheheh, guess I'm just in an UP mood. Wheeee!

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