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Guard gets paid for letting sufferers of chlamydia rape street dogs in Turkey

Yes. Yes that is and actual headline in a real news report. Scary, no?

Anywho, the rest of this entry has nothing whatsoever to do with chlamydia, rape, dogs, or Turkey.

I did my first night of Helpline training on Thursday. It went well, although the psych eval they put me through was a bit disconcerting. Yesterday I went to dinner with my dad and then killed some time at the Barnes & Nobles across the street from the restaurant. I was bad and bought two things. The Ruse: Enter The Detective trade paperback (yes, yes, I know I've always said CrossGen is evil and it IS, but this just looked cool...) and Bobby's Girl, an interesting-looking novel by J.D. Austin. Then was Anime Club. Fun fun fun. I rented a bunch of Love Hina and borrowed Gundam 08th MS Team from some fellow clubbers. Today was training for tutoring youth offenders. Had dinner, went grocery shopping, the LDS people came by. My mom had LOADS of fun rambling on at them and eventually scaring them off. Funily enough, I doubt that those missionaries will be stopping by again in the near future...

So. Yes, that's me. Um, I have nothing else to say really. Really. I uh, I think I'll go read fanfiction now. Yes.

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