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The Dodgers won, the Dodgers won, 7-6! Take that, Giants! Ha!

I really don't know why so many people think baseball is boring. Seriously, it's only the United States of America's national pastime. It's only tradition, an institution, a type of dream given form where every little boy can grow up to be a ball player. Love of the game, the stands, the crack of the bat on the ball, the old men sitting behind you with their beers and their score cards reminiscing about the Great Ones of yesteryear, Vin Scully on the radio bringing you feeling and love for the game, children trading cards but not that special one that they got from the hand of LoDuca himself, the smell of popcorn and cookies and bad hotdogs and grass, the roar of thousands of people with one mind bent towards the game, watching on the edge of your seat as the pitcher throws to a full count, baseball. Damn, I feel like watching The Natural again.

Baseball is not boring.

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