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Went out last night with Susan. We ended up at Boarders. Nice talk, BAD music, needed drinks, had fun. I bought "Mermaid's Gaze" by Rumiko Takahashi and "Astro City: The Tarnished Angel" by Kurt Busiek et al. The day before, I went to lunch and the mall with friends and got "Blade of the Immortal: Dreamsong." I made good choices.

I've alread finished "Dreamsong." Good stuff. This one is better than volume one. I REALLY like the character of Makie Otono-Tachibana, the geisha swordswoman, but she'll probably never show up again. And Rin's growing on me. Manji's a bloody bastard, but maybe he'll toughen Rin up. Also, the cover art is gorgeous.

I've started reading "Mermaid's Gaze" and it's a very creepy story. Here's the blurb from the back: "Immortal lovers Yuta and Mana travel through Japan and the centuries longing for a normal life. On their journey, they neet others who have eaten the flesh of the mermaid, seeking immortality. But the powerful substance affects each differently. Yuta and Mana are some of the lucky ones--others die in agony, or worse, turn into savage monsters known as lost souls!" I don't particularly care for Ms. Takahashi's most famous work, "Ranma 1/2," but this is very cool (meaning it has blood and sword fights and stuff).

I guess I have a thing for stories about immortals. "Highlander" is one of my favorites, too. Oh, and I already have a fanfic idea that's a crossover between "Mermaid's Gaze" and "Gundam Wing" and maybe a few others....

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