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Sharp shiney things!

Hehe. My mum just handed me a catalogue called Museum Replicas Limited and told me to pick out my Christmas present. Hehehehe. It's a catalogue of period clothing, jewelry, weapons, and armor! Whoo hooo! Alseides, you HAVE to see this catalogue! Gowns and tunics and pouches and swords and axes and chainmail and katanas and kilts and Roman shoes and stuff. Whee! Most of it is historical recreation stuff, but he last few pages have the fantasy stuff, including replicas of many of the swords used in Lord of the Rings and funky Xena-esque studded leather bondage gear. I'm looking at the pretty silver Celtic-knot necklace. Pretty! Or maybe that bodice dagger. Shiney! Nifty tunics and boots, too...

See, buying is MUCH easier than making for Ren Faire garb. *nods*

Somehow, looking at all this neat stuff reminds me of the wonderous Starkiller. Imagine that... Heh. Okay. Yeah. You know what I miss, Stary-wan? Life Lessons From the Starkiller Academy! I still get a giggle out of thinking of you and your friends enacting a multiple death-scene to the tune of Greensleeves to audition for a variety show. *big grin*

Right. I'm going to go burn a CD of techno music for my mum. Oh, and type up my part of "Sticks and Stones" to send off to Alseides before she boinks me on the head (virtually, of course).

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