The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

ashes on my tongue

My throat HURTS. The first day of autumn was yesterday, but today was definately the first day of Fire Season. No, the Devil Winds aren't here yet, but the fires sure are. The sky is a dirty brown and everyone can smell the ash in the air. There was a very brief ash-induced cloudburst today, we got some ashy-rain. It leaves spots on the clothes. Ugh. Hot, humid, and ash-filled day.

We haven't had rain here in a LONG time. Last winter we got maybe one day of sprinkles and that was it. Besides the few drops today (it rained for only a couple of minutes), there's been nothing. The hills are particularly brown. If the Santa Anas (aka - the Devil Winds) are bad this year we might have some spectacular firestorms. Viva El Nino, give us some rain!

In other news, my Criminology teacher is redeemed because she reads comics and watchs anime. You know, I've run into a number of professors (and not a few students) in the Sociology and Anthropology departments who are into either sci-fi or fantasy or comics or anime or some combination of those. That rocks! In Psychology, not so much. However, I did notice someone in my research lab reading what looked suspiciously like fanfic in her office. I would LOVE to do a survey about how many people at my university read/write fanfic. I betcha I would be surprised.

So, Alseides, you working on Draco yet?

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