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Insanity, Burning Man, icons, and dreams.

We played with plastic bows and arrows in Neuroscience today, although only one of the suction cups actually stuck to the window. Green water, pantyhose, stale cheerios, and applesauce were also involved. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: My Behavioral Neuroscience professor is soooooooo cracked. But cool, nevertheless.

But I got my paper back. Perfect score. Yay! I love unipolar depression...

"Mermaid's Gaze" is SERIOUSLY creepy. Totally shudder-worthy.

So, who wants to go to the next Burning Man with me? I really really REALLY want to go! But not alone. Anyone, anyone at all? Yes, yes I know that it's not for another 10 months or so, but I can plan ahead, right? Anyhoo, check out for details and pictures. I'll drive, and even provide most of the gear. Hey, I'll go with complete strangers. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese someone agree to go with me!!!

I've been going through the posts of the iconaddicts community and admiring all the pretty icons they make. Saved some, too. I'll not use them, since I have my own little icon-addict to make mine for me, but they're still neat. Speaking of icons, check out the one that elmo69 uses! Really cute. If she's using one of her other ones, just go to the user info page and click on the icon to see the cute panda one.

I've almost lost the battle with myself. I'll probablly start "Narcissus in Chains" soon, even though I wanted to re-read all the other Anita Blake books first. Oh well.

Was thinking about henna today. Finder marks, definately, but maybe also some nifty Celtic knots and spirals and stuff? Hmmmm....

This is a neat website: Check out the quotes section.

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