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I hear the WEIRDEST shit on the bus. Especially weird are people talking on cell phones. I mean, really. People just having conversations with each other talk low enough that you can ignore them but the ones on cell phones seem to feel the need to share their conversations with all and sundry. Examples of the weird cell phone conversations I've heard recently: A nineteen year old woman calling a clinic and asked about selling her eggs. A totally Valley Girl talking about the shitty ex-friend who hit her car, with every other word being either "like" or "fuck." Some guy talking to his girlfriend or something maintaining he wasn't "dissing" her, while at the same time calling her "bitch" and "sweet honeypot" as terms of endearment. Other weirdness includes the girl who sat next to me who looked JUST LIKE my friend Marina from junior and high school, the girl who was wearing a strapy-shirt-like-thing that snapped and *ahem* exposed her, the sureal talk radio station the driver was tuned into today that seemed to be owned by the Bush family since all anyone could say was how wonderful Dubya is (I think they were trying to set him up as the next Messiah), and the girl who accidently spilled her purse and something like two dozen lipstick cases spilled out.

Also? The car I parked next to had a cut-out of Arnold Schwarzenegger from some magazine taped to the drivers-side backseat window and a decal of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons in a speedo holding a whip in each hand on the trunk. Scary.

Something else that was a bit freaky today: I parked and turned off my car right in the middle of "Gimme Three Steps" by Leonard Skinner. Three hours latter I come back, turn on my car and the radio comes on, right in the middle of "Gimme Three Steps" by Leonard Skinner. This was the RADIO, not a tape or a CD or anything. Isn't that kind of freaky?

So, last night was Helpline listener training again. Whew, interesting but exhausting. And it didn't help that we went overtime and I didn't get home until just before midnight. The topic last night was sex and sexuality and we had a guest speaker. He was very good, telling us all about STDs and rape and giving us the gay perspective, since quite a number of calls on the Line are related to people freaking out over coming out. My call role-play was cool. I'm getting the hang of it, although I still need to make my voice more empathetic.

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