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Aaaaagh, get it off, get it off!!!! Sorry. *deep breath* I was just attacked by a rabid hair ball. My hair is really long and I tend to... shed. Um, so I was under my desk searching for a dropped CD and, well, I was attacked. It was like, a mutant hair ball or something. Eek. Heh.

So! I just alphabatized my anime collection! Yeah, I'm avoiding studying. Earlier this evening I burned myself a new trip mix for my commute. Mostly stuff I've gotten off clefnote. Good stuff.

Nope, nothing much to talk about. Nope nope. Other than that I'm REALLY getting fed up with my 321 lab partner. He has this unrealistic expectation that we have to do a GOOD experiment, one that might get published. Sheeyeah, riiiiigh. Dunno, maybe I'm being kind of harsh because I'm involved in a REAL research group and getting a REAL paper published, but I really don't think that a project done for this class has much of a chance of being published. And he keeps changing the effin' topic! Yeesh, I really wish the prof would let us do it alone.

Aaaaaand, I think I have a midterm in my Crim class soon. Either tomorrow or Thursday. *thoughtful pause* Mmm hmmm. I haven't read anything for the class. 'Cause it's BORING. I covered this stuff LAST semester! I'm thinking that maybe I'll just drop my second major, even though I'm almost like, DONE with it. But see, I'm completely head-over-heels in love with Psychology and just kinda "eh, it's okay" with the whole Criminology gig. I only really went for the second major in the first place because Psych majors are a dime a dozen and I wanted to get into graduate school. But now I'm looking at having to do like, three to six more years of schooling and I'm like WHATEVER. I should just go for my MFT (which involves 3,000 hours of training as is) and be your standard therapist person. I'm not really into the whole research and publish thing anyway. (I'll probably change my mind tomorrow, but there it is.)

Wow, I guess I had more to say than I thought.

OOoooooooh, the caffeine just hit. Yea-uh, baby, gimme that jittery lovin'. Got free Pepsi tonight with the pizza, but pshaw, it's all about the Mountain Dew for me!

Hugs and happy thoughts to osanna for the birthday card! Even thought it wasn't my birthday yesterday, it still made me feel good. I got to beat Britney Spears with a sausage. Heeeeee!

I've been eating Japanese chewy candy. I don't know what it's called, but it's strawberry flavored. I got it from my club librarian last Friday for donating anime. Yum. Now I'm eyeing the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans that Starkiller gave me. There are still a few left. Hmm, chewy, stick in teeth, gooooooooooood. Read slash, eat candy, drink caffeine, blow off schoolwork --- life is grand.

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