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La Li Ho!

Stupid circling helicopter...

Anyway, I'm feeling better now. I'm not so panicked about the death anymore. Ah well.

So. On Saturday, Alseides and I hung out. We were originally just going out to eat at Stargazer, but suddenly we had hopped into my car (like a pair of hyper bunny rabbits except not, because bunnies are EVIL) and were cruising down Ventura Blvd. That's the hip happenin' place in the Valley, don'cha know. She screamed "bo-ba!" and we stopped for boba and drank strawberry/chocolate slurpee with tapioca balls in it. Then she said "aaaaahhhhh" and we stopped at Aaahs! to look at the wacky stuff. Then we just had to go to Hot Topic so I drove us all across the Valley and we went and I bought stripedy tights and she got suspenders. And while we were at the mall I bought a shirt (she says it's me, I dunno, it says "my doctor calls it obsession... I call it love" heh) and we looked at the Neopets stuff and then it was really really late and we were hungry. So we FINALLY went to Stargazer except they were closing but it was okay since the people were nice and let us in and we listened to the party going on in the other room. Whew!

Sunday was good. I didn't do anything.

Today was okay. School, then I spent a few hours in the library trying to find articles about changing self-perception of intelligence. We went to Applebee's tonight and I had a chicken sandwich and then we went to Rite-Aid and I got Thrifty's icecream! Mmmmm, chocolate malted crunch.... Oh, and I finished watching all of Gravitation just now (I started yesterday). It's cute. Al, it might be up your alley seeing as it's about a J-Rock band whose lead singer is in love with a writer and both of them are men.

Uhop! And I picked up my book order after dropping Alseides off on Friday. I already read Mars. It was pretty goods. Very sweet. I'm going to get some more of this one. I haven't read volume 2 of Paradise Kiss yet but I've paged through it and it looks just as wonderful as the first manga.

*blank look* I think I have a test tomorrow. I know I have a presentation. And a meeting on Wednesday (eep! scary meeting with my advisor about the paper I'm presenting at the WPA conference!). Exam on Thursday, but that one should be a piece of cake. Ah, yes, and I have to finish reading The Front Runner by Patricia Nell Warren by Friday for yet another test. So far it's pretty good. It's about a gay love affair between a coach and an Olympic runner.

Oh! Forgot. I did go to Anime Club on Friday. And I borrowed the Hellsing DVD from my paramour. Heheheh. Vampires GOOD...

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