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Watashi no nozomi dori no shinikata deshta ne.

Kill Totoro! (Hehehe, thanks to reina for the link.)

Helpline training is getting INTENSE. I mean wow, seriously upsetting shit going down out there in the big bad city.

So, it's been a week since the death. I'm surprisingly okay about it all, although I did pause tonight to ponder the scars left by the tragedy.

I finished reading The Front Runner today. Wow. It just... at first I thought it wasn't really that great of a book. I thought quite a bit of the dialogue was unrealistic and I didn't like the entire flashback sequence the narrator went through about his life. Also, I thought the style of prose was too stark. But then as I went along I realized that the starkness was perfect for this very human, very real story. The book also has some fabulously erotic gay sex scenes in it. By the end, I was breathless reading it, devouring it. It brought up a lot of emotions. I can see where a lot of gays back when it was first published found it to be a breakthrough for them. I do wonder how all the macho straight guys in my class have reacted to reading this, or if they even read it at all. I think some of them will probably take a fail on the test rather than read a gay love story and that's just sad.

Ho hum.

I'm not going to go to my cousin's birthday party tomorrow. I feel a bit guilty about it, but I didn't really know about it until yesterday and I already had plans, so not that much. I should get her something, though. She's going to be... seventeen? I think. What should I get her? This a very "girly" Valley Girl, wants to be a model type. Maybe a gift certificate to a music store? Whatever.

I really like Mia Wolff's art work. Thanks GNeil!

I was cruising around the interent the other day, jonesing for some good webcomics when I stumbled across Apocamon. See, now I've learned more religion from this very irreverant webcomic than I ever did in three years of attending Mass every morning. And the end days? It just sounds pretty nifty now. That John, was he on crack or what?

You know, the thought of reading whole books online is kind of nifty, but I don't think it'll ever replaced true printed novels. For one thing, it's easier to tote a paperback around in your bag than a computer.

With my mum gone to Italy, me and Mark are going to indulge ourselves and go see The Transporter this weekend. Which is cool, since he usually pays for me and I don't like spending money on silly things (books and comics don't count!) so I would never go otherwise. Hee, movie! Yay.

The Kia dealership is giving away a free LOTR DVD with a testdrive. I am deeply suspicious.

You know? The only thing I miss about living with my dad is Ruby's cooking. She made this totally awesome cornbread. Her father, who is about 80 now, grew and ground his own corn in a stone mill back in North Carolina and sent her the meal every few months. A more divine cornbread never existed. Also, she really knew how to make grits. Stick-to-yer-guts grits. I miss grits. And her tempura and tofu soup was good, too. So was the jalapeno chedder bread. Only good thing about that bitch was her cooking.

I also miss the oatmeal they served at summer camp when I was little. Go figure.

Speaking of food, don't you just hate it when they discontinue something you REALLY like? Grrr. First they get you hooked on chicken flour taquitoes and then they stop selling them...

See, a compeletly random entry like this is what you get from writing it in fits and starts over the course of a couple of hours. Silly me.

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