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costumes, school, Italy, anime, allergies, Harry Potter fic, and other genral randomness

Heeee! I can't wait until Halloween!!! Yay!!! Our costumes are going to be so cool, Al!


So, here I am. I have been VERY busy at school. Very. Um, projects due, papers to write, data to enter, subjects to run, experiments to research. I am overloaded.

I have a paper due tomorrow and I have a meeting with the research coordinator to get approval from my experiment. Have to stay up and finish the paper and revise my proposal...

My experiment isn't going as well as it could. First, my partner keeps wanting to change everything at what is now the last minute. I mean, we have to run a hundred subjects and write the paper within the next two weeks! Aaaargh! Also, we don't really have the right instrument to run the experiment we want to. We need to use the Self-Perception Profile for Adults but all the department has is the one for children. Grrr. I've written the lady who researched and wrote the Profile, but who knows when she'll get back to me. I may also have some icky confound in my data to deal with. And my partner isn't helping.

The paper due tomorrow is a bit yucky, too. I wrote the first half of it this afternoon but I still have a ways to go (so why am I writing this entry?). It's a comparison and analysis of Fritz Perls' neurotic mechanisms and Virginia Satir's patterns of communication (basically, gestalt versus family therapy). Oh well, I'll get it done, loose a bit of sleep, and make it up tomorrow with a nap before Anime Club.

My abstract for the paper I'm going to be presenting at the WPA conference in May isn't going so well. But! I have been entering more data! Um.

Helpline training tonight was brutal. It hurt to listen to people hurting...

My mum came back from Italy yesterday. She was totally energized by the whole trip. I'm glad she went. I wish I'd gone with her, actually. Last year was a blast, but I just couldn't miss that much class this year. Anyway, she brought me back prezzies. A new fan for my wall (I don't know where I'm putting it yet, my walls are pretty full of fans already) -- Ravello, Positano, Amalfi, Maiori. A book of postcards depicting the Amalfi coast (ah, gorgeous!). Two manga. Yes, I am now the proud owner of two Japanese manga in Italian. One is Fushigi Yugi and the other is La Madonna Della Ghirlanda (that is, Kakan no Madonna). They both look really interesting. Too bad I can't read Italian...

Last night I was burning CDs like a mad thing. Some for my club, some for me, some for meiran. Oh, and osanna, you wanted anime, too, right? Just a bunch of samples, or anything specific?

Isn't The Two Towers coming out soon? Why haven't I seen any advertisments for it yet?

Oh! Guess what? That problem with my lips, the one where it felt like they were trying to crawl off my face? I know what's wrong now! I've developed an allergy to flouride. Yep, flouride, that stuff that's in most toothpaste. I keep developing allergies. Just a few months ago I started to develop a terrible allergy for nickel, which means I can't wear a lot of jewlery since most everything has at least some nickel in it. I hope I don't develop anything ELSE. I mean, come on! I'm already allergic to so much! Oh well, at least I don't have any food allergies (that I know of).

Today, something weird happened. I started writing a story. That, in itself, is not the weird part. The weird part is that it's from the POV of Ginny Weasley. Whom I don't much care for normally. Is that weird, or what? But the concept is lodged in my head. Totally stuck there. Why am I writing Ginny when I should be writing my Snape/Harry? And speaking of my Snape/Harry, I've noticed something troubling: there is more interaction in the story between Snape and Draco than Snape and Harry. And there is more touching between Snape and Ron than Snape and Harry (although I don't know if it really counts since Ron is comatose through most of it). People who want hardcore smut will probably be disappointed with this story, since all the slash there is going to be is an itty bitty kiss. Right. I'm evil.

Speaking of things Harry Potter-ish, Mark is a Gryffindor. He is! He's painted the walls of his bedroom red and gotten a gold comforter and curtains! His bedroom now looks a bit like how I imagine the Gryffindor dorms do (if they were, you know, real). Heh.

You know, I never know what to tell people when they ask about my tattoo. Next time I'm just sticking to my bullshit "Itsy Bitsy Spider" story. Or possibly some Native American myth. No one believes the Spider-Man angle. People want deeper meanings. And EVERYONE asks if it hurt. *rolls eyes*

Okay, okay, I'll go write my paper now...

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