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tick tock goes the clock - the week runs on, Halloween has come and gone

I haven't posted much recently because I've been EXTREMELY busy. I've been pulling days where I have to wake up before the sunrise to get to school and don't get home until after the sun is set. Needless to say, I'm exhausted.

You know what makes me smile? I'm thinking of adding a thrid internship to my schedule. That smile is an insane one, obviously.

So. I started running subjects this week. (Note to non-Psych people: We call it running subjects because our main subjects used to be rats, whom we had run mazes for us. Spiffy, no?) It takes somewhere between ten to thirty minutes to run a subject as the design of my experiment stands, depending on the subject. And they have to be run individually, not in groups. I ran twenty subjects this week. That would be nearly fourty hours for me in a little tiny room, repeating the same thing over and over again. This, on top of going to my regular classes and lab meetings AND doing Halloween. Heh, Halloween was fun.

Actually, Halloween was frickin' awesome! My last two classes of the day and my Helpline training were all cancelled. I drove the Freeway of Hell (ye olde 405) and the Freeway of Many AIS (the 10, and AIS=Accident Investigation Site) to get to the school of my wonderous companion for the evening, tossblack. We dressed up as mimes. Punk mimes. We rocked! (I'll post pictures of all the costumes we saw later.) After a brief stop for boba, we were on our (circutious and traffic-blocked) way to WeHo. Yay, the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival! They close down a huge section of West Santa Monica Blvd and set up half a dozen stages and many booths for food and invite the world to party. Totally rocks. Three hundred thousand plus people there. The big name performance this year was Pink. We were almost crushed in the crowd. Costumes. Everywhere, costumes! As always, the drag queens did the most spectacular stuff. I had fun. Tiring, but fun. And much candy corn was consumed.

I didn't get home until about 2am after the party. And then I got up at 6am to go to school. Heh, yeah, I was totally wasted, but I managed to take notes, take an exam, and run subjects until 3pm. Then I went home to burn some anime and eat dinner, then back to school for Anime Club.

Today I cleaned my bedroom! The whole week, I barely saw the inside of my home, so I was just dumping stuff everywhere. It needed the cleaning.

Okay, now I need to catch up with the backlog of e-mails. Then I'll write the abstract for the paper I'm presenting to the WPA conference. Yay! I guess I mostly thrive on overwork. Who'da thunk it? (Stress? Pshaw!)

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