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They're really pulling out all the stops for the election tomorrow. So far tonight, we've received three phone calls, all from the Democratic Party. One was a live person asking if they had our support tomorrow. (Yes, by the way.) Another was a recorded message from ex-president Bill Clinton encouraging us to vote Democrat. And the absolute BEST call was a recorded message from Martin Sheen, who plays President Bartlett on The West Wing! That's great!

I guess it's all because of how even the last national elections made the parties (Republican and Democrat. Yes, there are others, but they don't count. Sorry, Al, I know you're voting Green Party but it just won't matter.). With the Senate virtually deadlocked the way it is, each party is REALLY trying to get our votes. Or maybe it has something to do with the embarassing snafu that was our last presidential election. (Come another two years and I sincerely hope we vote Dubya out of office.)

Actually, this election finally forced Mark to register to vote. NOBODY want to see that crack-pot Republican freak as govenor of California. He's like the only candidate that Gray Davis can win against, and that's saying something with how much Californians (wrongly, in my opinion) hate our current govenor.

As for the Valley seceding from the rest of Los Angeles... eh. I dunno. I mean, if we did, we'd still be the nineth largest city in the USA while LA would drop down to the third instead of the second (in terms of population, New York is the largest, although Los Angeles covers more land area than any other city in the US). And it would be cool for the new name of the city to be Camelot (that's one of the proposed names, along with less cool ones like Valley City and just plain San Fernando Valley), what with Avalon being right off the coast and all. But... I think seperating from the rest of LA would just cause more problems than it would solve. Oh well, we'll see tomorrow.

I may or may not be able to vote tomorrow. The polls open at 7am and close at 8pm. I have to be at school from 8am to 9pm. If I get there and vote right when the polls open (if my polling station opens on time, that is) then it may work out. Otherwise, I'm going to have to be derelict in my civic duty. *sigh*

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