The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
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Today I spent fifteen and a half (that's 15.5!) hours at school. And that doesn't include the hour of commute time. So yeah, busy day, but I got SO much done! I finished running all my subjects, I got about two dozen lines of data entered, I got my basic WPA abstract written, I wrote the results section written for 321, I got my overdue book renewed, AND I went to all my classes. Yay!

Helpline training tonight was damn hard, especially since tonight my caller described a situation that was disturbingly similiar to something from my own past. I can't talk about it though. Just... there's a lot of bad stuff out there. *sigh* I'm still having trouble projecting enough empathy into my voice.

It's raining really hard out. Crystal and I dashed through the rain to my car, but we were still soaked. I dropped her off at her dorm. We're not really used to rain. I mean, it DOES rain here sometimes, but not much. Last year it only rained once, and that was a very light sprinkle for half a day. Today was pounding rain. Oh well, it washed all the dirt off my car.

I've been up and on the go for a long time, but I'm not sleepy. I'm TIRED, but I'm also WIRED. All day was "go go go" so now I'm having trouble calming down. I guess I'll read a bit. That'll make me sleepy with how tired I actually am.

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