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not-so-fine literature

I just read an article that said Brits buy an average of ten books a year, which puts them above all other European nations. I have this horrible suspicion that Americans have an average of like, two, and that's if you include books-on-tape. *sigh*

Me? Well, I would have a LOT more money if I ONLY bought ten books a year. Hehehe. When my sisty came over this weekend, she commented on the horrible piles of books all over the place. She's not really a reader. Neither is Mark, for that matter. I often get comments about my reading. I take any time that I can find to read for pleasure. On the bus, in between classes, on the pot, never a wasted moment. I'm not as bad as I was in high school, though. Back then, I read during class. Pissed off some of my teachers mightily. I remember one English teacher who got so mad at me that she is still, to this day, the only teacher I have ever really sassed. So, no more reading in class.... unless I just HAVE to read an article or text for an upcomming test.... and I still WRITE when I should be paying attention.... oh well.

But, well, the level of literacy in America is a bit atrocious. I mean, I mentor people who can barely string a sentence together. I have relatives who are adults that have trouble reading. I know people whose last thought in the world would be to read for pleasure. Discouraging. Of course, we're still better off now than back in the day when most people were functionally illiterate.

And please, I'm NOT a literary snob. I don't really care for "classic" literature. You know, the good stuff that has a lot of acclaim which you're forced to read in English classes. I read drek. For goodness sake, I read Star Trek novels! But at least I read.

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