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anime and games

Yesterday started out kind of bummer-y, with a dentist appointment that I had to drive through the morning rush-hour traffic to get to, and then I couldn't find parking at school for the test I had. But after that, I had a great day! I met Carrie at the TO mall and we did some light holiday shopping. We got manga. Hee! Then she came back to my place to borrow anime, then we went to her house to get ready. Picked up her sister and a friend and we all went out to IHOP for dinner. Then, to the anime club! With a brief stop for boba. I got a green apple snow bubble, yum. Anime club was fun, but Liquid Cube after was even better. Carrie got a mint hot chocolate and I tasted it and I had to get one of my own. Good stuff! Hung around and talked to everyone, and then played Mahjongg. Some other people were playing Go and that was fun to watch, too. I really enjoyed learning how to play Mahjongg. I had a fun time yesterday. ^_^

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