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This is me grinning with manic glee.

I HAVE FINISHED TYPING MY HP/SS STORY! I started around 7pm and am only now done. (my fingers hurt) osanna, it should be in your inbox for a beta. tossblack, I'll let you read it as so as it's done. It's due on the 30th, eek!

Besides the Lucius/Hooch story I signed up for, I'm also doing Jim/Blair, Harry/Snape, and Spike/Xander stories for a December Advent Calendar challenge. Whee! (kill me now) School, finals, papers? Ha, I scoff at such puny things!

My resolution to give up caffeine lasted for oh, about a day. Mmm, nasty Mountain Dew aftertaste...

I don't think I want to register for Winter session classes. Actually, I know I don't, but I should. But, they aren't offering classes I really need, and a nice long break would be cool, and I would still be working, so... *sigh* Maybe, maybe not.

I really need to sleep now.

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