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I want caffeine! But I'm trying to quit....

Due to the lovely rain we had last weekend, there is just the faintest hint of green on the hills. (You can see it if you look out of the corner of your eyes and squint.) So refreshing. It's really soothing to the eyes. Normally, the hills are brown. Brown brown brown, very dull brown. The only time I've ever seen the hills 'round here blooming with GREEN, with COLOR, with plants that aren't BROWN, was after/during El Nino. *sigh* It was pretty. Made me think of Ireland and other places that don't appreciated the green they have. I hope we get some more rain this year so the hills will perk up even more. One little rain ain't gonna cut it with SoCal chapparal.

Well, I've uploaded my HP/SS story to I hope I did it right. I'm not sure if I did. *worries lip* Well, we'll see, eh? *gulp*

And I finally have all of Angelic Layer! Yay! (Um, speaking of which, meiran? Weren't you going to, like, send me anime?)

I turned in my uber-important, worth-most-of-my-grade, formatted-in-super-APA-style paper last night. Whew, that's one load off my mind! I think it was pretty good. Other people's papers.... not so good. My partner (He-Who-Is-Fucking-Unhelpful) asked me when the paper was due. Like, duh! Idiot. Also, this one girl asked to use the printer in my office to print out her paper and I let her. It was formatted all wrong! I tried to tell her, but she just turned it in the way she had it. She probably didn't even look at the APA Publication Manual! Whatever, her grade, not mine. I think the presentation went alright, although partner-spaz didn't DO ANYTHING, it was all me! Grr. But I am a nice person and take out my frustrations by bitching on lj rather than saying to their faces what morons they are.

I finally printed out the Discordian Coloring Book today. Hehehe. I'm going to color it in! Wheeeee!

I'm really enjoying Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones. Excellent characters and style, plus it's in the genre I like. I'm into a certain type of fantasy, that is, urban fantasy. Stuff set in the modern world, with magic. You know, like Anita Blake, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Highlander, etcetera. Oh, I'll read straight-up fantasy and I love science fiction, but urban fantasy is my favorite. I also like this book because a good portion of it is set at a sci-fi convention. Heh. I was practically raised at sci-fi conventions, so it's fun reading about how an "outsider" or "newbie" would see it. Sort of the same reason it was fun watching that episode of The Insomniac where Dave Attel wandered into a sci-fi convention and pronounced them all freaks. Ha! Yeah, we are, and damn proud of it!

I have decided to skip trying to take classes during winter session. It's not worth it. They're not offering anything I need (or am interested in) and the money they want for just one class is obscene. So, for the last bit of December and most of January I'll have nothing to do. I should probably get a paying job, huh? Well, I'll still have my three non-paying jobs (internships) to do. (Actually, I'm getting paid by grants for one of them, so that's okay.) Oh, whatever will I do with myself!? Hmmm, read novels, read fanfic, watch anime, color in Discordia, maybe write something or other, organize my bookshelves, hang out online... *sigh* Sounds wonderful! I'll probably be bored by the second week. Oh well, silly me!

oshunanat? tossblack? We gonna do the LOTR-sleepover fest when TTT comes out? Yea or nay?

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