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Had a totally EXCELLENT time last night!

First off was the party with the Anime Club people. We rock! We elected new officers for next semester and then chowed down on food everyone brought. Someone even made yummy riceballs! Mike created a club retrospective that we all watched. ^_^ Good times.

But the night ended too early so when I got home I hopped onto the internet. Answered some e-mails, read some lovely stories, joined a bunch of beautifully depraved women in an orgy-chat that lasted till dawn... See, my goddess Starkiller demanded I IM her, so I did. Then there were more people, all trying to chat. At one point, I had three different chat programs running trying to find one everyone had. So, since I have joined the_station RPG as Doctor Stephen Franklin of Babylon 5, OF COURSE I had to have participate in the smutty good times had by all. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Heh. I finally had to go to bed just after dawn because my eyes were blurring badly and I was getting a sleep-deprivation headache (see, all the others live in timezones where it was day, or at least evening, rather than the wee hours of the morn). I'm still a bit fragged and gritty-eyed. But I had lots of fun! Thank you, Starry-wan!!!

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