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The Guess-Which-One-YOU-Are Friends List Meme

The following are about each and every lj user or community that is on my Friends List, including the ones who are not my Friend back. So, can you guess who you are?

1. You post pretty pictures and interesting story chapters.
2. I don't comment on your journal often enough, even though we've been friends for a long long time. Your slash sometimes scares me, but I'll always love talking and visiting with you.
3. I don't know you, but you write cool stuff. Write more!
4. You are devoted to anime and have my sincere admiration for the number of websites and designs you do. Plus, your cosplay rocks!
5. I simply adore your LOOOOOOOONG posts of nit-picky little fandom bits and your wonderful obsessions. Yay!
6. I wantsss more fissshiesss!
7. You keep me up-to-date in one of my fav fandoms.
8. You give me much music and joy!
9. I was sad when you took me off your friends list, but I like reading your (very infrequent) posts and you're one of my favorite authors anyway.
10. You're deleted, but still on my friends list because I LOVE YOU!
11. You went away, but your lovely descriptions of a distant country and your love for a girl enthralled me. I occasionally read your new journal.
12. A good storage and reference place.
13. You write wonderful entries and stories that make me wish I was your friend in real life. I'm always sincerely sympathetic to all the hassles and pains you have to deal with all the time.
14. I love your work and you post really interesting things. And let me buy stuff from you!
15. My oldest friend. You don't post enough, and when you do, it's rather odd, but it always makes me smile. We're kindred spirits.
16. You give me recs.
17. Your mind really works similar to mine. We can compare crappy high school life any day!
18. I like reading your posts about your every day life. Plus, your obsession with Lord of the Rings is cute.
19. I truly wish we lived nearer to each other so I could worship you up close, or possibly go drinking with you. You're life is so INTERESTING and your writing is wonderful.
20. I enjoy the quirks in your entries, and the few snippets of stories in obscure fandoms you've done.
21. You are the kind of goth I can only dream about being.
22. You are almost like me five years ago, but happier. I enjoy talking comics and philosophy with you, but I do wish you'd post more.
23. Mmmm, fic-snippets.
24. I don't really know you, but I like reading about your thoughts on the politics of your country and about your life.
25. You delight me and scare me and entice me to write fic.
26. I really didn't put you on my friends list for the naked pics, I just like reading about you.
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