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busy busy bee, look at me, look at me!

Heee. Thank you, guingel for the prezzies! I've never played Tiddly Winks before, it should be fun. The Thumb People are just kinda bizarre. :-) Love the itsy bitsy deck of cards! (I'll give Alseides her present tonight.) Also enjoyed the note (and the notepaper it was written on!). Sorry, I didn't depart from the tradition of comics -- have you gotten your package from me yet? Happy Holidays!

Speaking of gifts, yesterday I burned CDs like a mad thing to give to tossblack and oshunanat at our yearly holiday dinner and gift-exchange tonight (which I have to leave early from so as to go to work *frowns*). Lots and lots of CDs!

Speaking of CDs, with all the new ones meiran sent me (thank you, Meiran!!!), I need more cases to hold them. Yes, yes I could just use spindles, but what's the fun in that? The cases come in lots of pretty colors and the titles I want are easier to find that way, too.

Anyway, today is Wrapping Presents Day for me (although, according to my Strangers in Paradise calender, it's "REST" day). So! Paper-cuts and tape stuck in my hair and bits of bows littering the floor here I come!

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