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We went out on a boat, at night. It was cold. Yay!

I just got back from Phoenix's Really Fun Party(tm)! It was awesome! We went out on a boat. It was COLD, but FUN! Wheee, fun! And I got prezzies! Two Gundam Wing manga ("Ground Zero" and "Episode Zero"), the first Stargate SG-1 DVD, the first Excel Saga DVD, European chocolates (in the form of Euros), music from Neon Genesis Evangelion, a pretty candle, and a fishie that grows when you put it in water (because everyone needs a fishie to follow). I feel all happy and squishy. It was fun watching Tsarina go ga-ga over the Harry Potter daybook I got her and Kitty hug the Marvel book I got her and Phoenix tripping out over the Rurouni Kenshin tapes I got her and everyone was just so wonderful! And we talked LotR and stalking Orlando Bloom and Harry Potter and slash and ComicCon and anime and they explained to me why I should not dye my hair black and we made many toasts on the boat and ate chocolate chip cookies while looking at the lights of the harbor. Yay!

Unfortunately, they all go back up north for rotten icky college and job-type-thingees way too soon. Well, not all of them, but a good percentage. Al, we're definately rooming with them in San Diego this summer, right? I said we would. Whatever, it's still too early to make plans. Oh, and Tori wants to go skydiving! That would be so cool! Ginny would come, too. I want to go skydiving!

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