The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Warren Ellis rocks my world.

Little flurry of snow a moment ago.
Only lasted a minute. England is
horribly cold today. From my seat
here in the pub, I can see a TV aerial
dipped over at 45 degrees on top of
the post office, against a backdrop
of smooth grey branches from the
winterdead trees behind it. It looks
like a mutant bough, trying to climb
down the post office's chimney.
I'm reminded of a Philip K Dick essay
about paranoia and the true evil
intentions of crabgrass.

-W. Ellis, BAD SIGNAL (Mon, 6 Jan 2003 08:54:25 EST)

Each week SLEEPLESS PLANET runs, I'm going to upload a

148mm wide, 210mm deep, 72dpi. Something visual that
has something to say. And not a comic. These are the hard
limits, and, in fact, the only limits I'm going to impose. Aside
from the not wanting to see a bunch of comics, I'm open to
anything visual-- photography, webcam stills, caricature, typography
and graphic design, whatever. Surprise me. Either I'll like what is
sent in or I won't.

Submissions for broadsides go to They
must be accompanied by a couple of lines about the creator/s.

Independently of the broadside section, now: I'm thinking about
including one Flash animation a month, and one mp3 a month.
People can feel free to contact me about this at
if they have something to say.

The submissions net will go wider than this list in a little while, but
since this idea came together by my thinking out loud here, I thought
I'd air these out here first.

SLEEPLESS PLANET will be carrying
the occasional mp3 of new music.
Something in the three-minute
range is preferred. I want newness.
Make email contact in the first
instance to before
sending files. If I take the mp3 for
the site, I will expect photos and a
paragraph or two about the group/
individual to accompany the piece.

SLEEPLESS PLANET will be carrying
the occasional piece in Flash. Not
looking for something over 3 megs
in size. The nice thing about Flash is
that you can do anything, from
animation to slideshows to short films
to whatever.

One of my favourite ever Flash
pieces was a short story where the
text flashed up on the screen in
pieces in time to a drum accompaniment.

So surprise me.

Contact in the
first instance before sending files.
Accepted pieces will be expected to
also provide a photo and a paragraph
of background.

The preceding words are from Warren Ellis's BAD SIGNAL mailing list and are all his. Really this is an incredibly exciting project. I want to participate. Don't you?

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