The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

terror in the night

Last night I had what is possibly the most horrible nightmare I've ever experienced. It was just... *shudders* And you know what REALLY sucks? I can remember all of it. How come I can't remember all those really spiffy, amazingly wonderful dreams I have but I remember this nightmare is full-color, vivid detail?

It starts out on a bus. I'm on a bus with a group of people about my age or a little younger. People I know. Some from Anime Club, some from school. (Fortunately, none of my family or close friends accompany me on this dream. I'm SO glad what happened to me and the others didn't happen to them, even though it was only a dream.) I'm talking to this guy and this gal. We're sharing a bag of pistacios and I'm also eating an apple.

So, eventually the bus gets to where we're going, which turns out to be a dock with a boat. I don't remember many details of the boat, but it was a ferry that took us (but not the bus) across to this island. We were all going to be staying at this nice little manor house on the island. It was a learning experience or something. Anyway, the walk from the dock was pretty long (good thing we didn't have luggage to tote). We wandered down this dirt road, past a few buildings that turned out to be closed museums (we peered through the windows).

Eventually the group (about two dozen people) got to the manor. We went inside. This is where it started to go wrong. The place was empty. Very very empty. We started looking around, splitting into smaller groups (an obvious horror-movie mistake, but oh well). I saw this lovely room with a bed and pillows with a star-print pattern sheets. There were others, too. Then suddenly I realize I'm alone. It feels like I'm the only person in the house. Like everyone else is GONE.

I don't panic, but I get a bit freaked. I look around the house (which is HUGE) and start to notice some really weird things. Like... rooms don't have windows, unless they're windows that look out onto the other wing of the manor. The staircases seem to be all wrong, they go places they shouldn't. I take one stair upwards, where I finally find people. It's an attic, except it's all light and airy like a dance studio. There are five people there, none of whom came on the bus or boat with me but they are my age. I ask them what's going on and it turns out that they're on a similar tour to mine and they got seperated from their group like me. They're obviously spooked. This one guy tells me to be quiet so he can think. I sit on the floor and then I realize it's kind of mushy. Even though it looks like hard wood, the floor is like a spoonge. The thinking guy decides we have to go and find everyone, but we should hold hands so we don't lose each other.

I grab hands with them and we form a chain. On of this group doesn't want to hold hands so he just trails along behind us. We go back down, through the hall I was originally looking at. We find the way out. But we go back inside to find everyone. (MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAKE!!!!) We find our way back to that hall. It has become really really dark. Somehow we've lost the guy who wasn't holding hands. We go down the hall, calling for people. It gets so dark we can't see. We speed up our pace because we can feel THINGS brushing against us in the dark. My heart is hammering and I'm scared. We all are. We run towards where we can see a light at the end of the hall.

We open the door where the light is and it turns out to be a balcony over a grand ballroom. The ballroom is set up for people. There are "people" there. Dead people. And Hitler's swastika is hanging over the proceedings. The dead people look up and see us. We turn to run, unfortunately letting go of each other. I do manage to grab this girl.

The hall we just passed through in darkness is lighted a bit now. Just enough to see the horrors it contains. There are people there, all sorts of people (not dead like in the ballroom). It's so horrible it steals my breath so I can't even scream. The rooms that open off the hall have bars (bars of the sort that were on the windows of my high school) over them. Inside the rooms are some of the people I came with. They're trying to scream, too, but they're mouths have been sewn together with black thread and their eyes have been gouged out. There are people in the hall, too. They're all obviously insane. One is eating another person. They rip at us.

I hold onto the girl. We wrap our arms around each others backs and try to run down the hall. The people try to rip us apart. Someone tries to put their hand on my face and I bit them. Their flesh is soft and slimey and comes off in my mouth and I gag, but we can't stop running. We finally hear things, horrible horrible things. We stumble down rotting stairs. We can see the outside, but there is a crowd of people there, people from all sorts of time periods in tattered clothes, all waiting to get in. They're not dead but they feel like zombies to me. I try to project confidence and slowly way around and through the crowd, like I wasn't trying to escape. But a cry goes up and I drag the girl I'm with away, running.

We run and run down the dirt path to the dock, but I know the boat won't be there or it'll have the bad guys on it or something. We pass this mother and her teenage son and beg for their help. They're both asian and they're sweeping the cobblestones. They say they've been here for a long time. It'll take them time to decide to help us, but we don't have the time. So we run and end up in these ruins. We can hear soldiers following us. My heart is about to burst. I drag the girl into the ruins, and find us a place to hide. I lay down and she lays on top of me. We can hear the soldiers getting closer. Suddenly, this absolutely TERRIFYING sense of utter dread comes over me. Something is going to happen. They'll find us or the girl in my arms will turn out to be one of the zombies and she'll rip my throat out or I'll end up in one of the rooms with my mouth sewn shut and my eyes gouged out.

That's when I wake up. My heart was beating and I still felt the dread of the dream. So I went and turned on my lights and waited for dawn so I could go back to sleep. When I finally did get to sleep, my dreams were better.

I don't really have many nightmares. But those I do, I remember. *sigh* Sucks.

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