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Things I did today (or technically, yesterday).

After figuring out that SOMETHING I downloaded within the last four months (some codec or driver or something) screwed with my PowerDVD, I finally managed to watch the first two episodes of Due South today (with MediaPlayer). Ahh, yes, mmm, Fraser... But I want Kowalski, too! However, first-season-Dief is better than the dog they got later.

Later, I went to Anime Club. *giggle* We so whack! Everyone was all identifying over Comic Party, and I have to admit that I, too, saw my own experiences at Sci-Fi/Anime/Comics conventions reflected there. We had a special engagement tonight, too. The live-action version of Dragonballs. THE MOST CHEESY MOVIE, EVER!!! Seriously. Loads of fun MST-ing it. Afterwards, the Cube for a lovely mint hot chocolate and a bit of convo.

Then what did I do when I got home? Well, I watched anime, of course! Episodes 6-10 of Initial D to be precise. Loved it! Want more! NEED more! Initial D is now officially in my list of top five favs, and it's possibly #1 for anime I find most exciting.

I also did a lot of coloring in my Discordian Coloring Book. I have these shiny metalic pencils now, and they're rather nifty. Coloring is fun! I have colored pencils scattered all over and around my desk. ^_^

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