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I went to Cost Plus today and bought random imported stuff! Yay! And a Whistle Pop. I love Whistle Pops! You can play music on them, and then you lick and suck and it's all gone except for the weird sliding stick thingee, which you can then give to your elf-doll, who will use it to hunt the dreaded Shelf Bunny (the lesser cousin of the rabid Dust Bunny). *nods*

Now this is a cause worth supporting. Yes.

I cheated to get this result. Just so ya know.

Which Saturnalia Character are you?

You know what the world needs more of? Takumi/Keisuke yaoi!!! Yes! The Plot Bunnies (the most evil of all bunnies, dark gods of the dreaded Shelf Bunnies and rabid Dust Bunnies) are BREEDING. And somehow, Takumi's Hachi-Roku morphs into a giant flying mecha! Or something like that. Anyway, there needs to be more Takumi/Keisuke fic (like ANY AT ALL). Yah, Takumi needs to dump his whorish excuse for a girlfriend Mogi and get down with the funky younger Takahashi brother. 'Cause, yeah, Keisuke says he hates Takumi, but all that has to come from somewhere, and DUDE, late night chats on backwoods roads!?! Uh-huh, they are SO doing it.

And somehow, Wufei is running around my head in ever tightening circles. I blame all of this on the Discordian Coloring Book.

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