The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

a rat and a book

Well, I appear to be getting a jump on my rats-in-a-maze class. See, we have a rat. Its a pretty rat with grey fur and it's awful big. It's living in our outside grill. Heh. It's probably in rat heaven, living in a nice cozy space and eating Angel's leftover dog food. It's probably making a nest and we'll get many more little ratsies. Unless we kill it. Which we probably will. *shakes head* Sadness.

I spent the majority of today reading The Fresco by Sherri Tepper. GOOD book. It had moments where I literally had to put the book down because I was giggling so hard. Why was I giggling? See, there are these aliens. They breed by placing larvae in living creatures. Just so happens that middle aged human males are just PERFECT hosts for the little alien babies. But see, these are MORAL aliens and would never condone just random raping. So they deposit the larvae only in males who are vehemently and outspokenly pro-life, who say that a fetus should NEVER be aborted, even in cases of rape. Thus, these men are forced to put up or shut up. And give up their careers to safeguard the young alien lives, of course, as they've always said women should do. Can you see why I was giggling? Can you imagine a pregnant Jerry Falwell? Heh. Anyway, all that is just one part of the book. It's about social engineering and religious philosophy and has very well developed alien societies represented. I highly recommend it.

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